Stonewood Group will develop the on-board encrypted data storage systems for the British Army’s Lynx Wildcat helicopter under a contract awarded by General Dynamics (GD).

Under the contract, Stonewood will supply portable encrypted hard drives that plug into the helicopter’s tactical mission systems, which are being developed by General Dynamics in cooperation with AgustaWestland.

The tactical mission systems include the key management system for the mission system as well as GD’s Bowman communications system.

Stonewood’s encrypted hard drives can be engineered to allow authentication of multiple drives in one go, both within an integrated system, such as in the Wildcat, or across PC networks.

The data storage systems are also capable of including software or hardware purge buttons to delete all data encryption keys preventing authentication even with system passwords and tokens, providing full data protection in the event of enemy capture.

The AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter can undertake a wide range of missions including anti-surface warfare, battlefield reconnaissance, casualty evacuation, airborne command post, logistical support and tactical troop transport.