Israel has confirmed it is not intending to permanently deploy the Iron Dome system to protect the western city of Sderot against rocket attacks.

According to the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) the Iron dome batteries, which will be ready in May 2010, will initially be deployed at air force bases in the south and be set up in another places only during significant escalations on the Gaza border.

Sderot has been mentioned several times over the last few years by government as the first town to benefit from the new system because of the many rocket attacks it has suffered over the past eight years.

The Iron Dome recently successfully completed a month of testing, during which it destroyed several barrages of incoming rockets.

At present, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the developer of the Iron Dome, plans to acquire small number of batteries and a limited number of missiles, and avoid deploying them in the field to evaluate its complete capabilities and operational use, reports Israel’s daily Haaretz.