The ASCOD specialist vehicle has successfully completed mine blast trials, and will now offer British forces enhanced protection levels.

During the trials conducted by General Dynamics, the vehicle sucessfully performed at the high test levels required by the UK future rapid effect system specialist vehicle (FRES-SV) programme and withstood a number of attacks from the latest mine threats in its base configuration.

ASCOD-SV also allows the army an evolving level of blast protection for several operational scenarios, enabling protection against greater threats.

Mine blast testing of the high levels of integrated survivability of ASCOD SV demonstrated the vehicles ability to afford maximum protection to the operators.

The successful mine blast tests were also followed by the successful firing of the mandated CT40 case telescopic weapon system from turret provider Lockheed Martin INSYS.

Turret ring configuration and other features of the vehicle enable the FRES SV crew to use the maximum amount of space to perform their assigned task, while ensuring maximum protection.