A new combat-proven mine-clearance system, specifically designed for US army operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been demonstrated by MineWolf Systems at the Military Engineering Conference in Germany.

The Medium MineWolf machine (MW 330) is the latest variant of the MineWolf family of mine clearance systems to be operated by the US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq for mine clearing operations.

The MW 330 enables US forces to safely and quickly clear open ground of land mines and unexploded ordnance while minimising the risk to soldiers.

MineWolf Systems sales director Phillip von Michaelis said the machine was robust enough to survive blasts from heavy anti-tank mines, yet mobile enough to be transportable in a 20ft ISO container or on a C-130 plane.

“The Medium MineWolf also offers a variety of other interchangeable attachments such as a blade, bucket, sifter or forklift,” he said.

The company also demonstrated a sophisticated robotic arm attachment that can be mounted on any of the mine clearance vehicles to remotely tackle the mine threat.

Nato Military Engineering Centre of Excellence director Colonel Radlmeier said the machine offered excellent efficiency and mobility for humanitarian and military demining missions.

“The multipurpose attachments which can be mounted to the base vehicle make it even more useful to field operations,” he said.