Kratos Defense and Security Solutions will provide the NeuralStar, a network management solution, to the US Army to monitor operations of its IP-over-satellite communications systems.

NeuralStar will monitor the army’s wideband global satellite (WGS) system – the high-speed satellite network that enables mobile soldiers and commanders to stay connected to the main system through a global information grid.

The WGS delivers converged IP-based voice, data and intelligence to support manoeuvrability of US forces and constant situational awareness.

The satellite system also provides the army with high-capacity bandwidth to provide long-haul reach.

Kratos IT Solutions president Phil Carrai said that in comparison with ground-based networks, satellite communications present additional complexity and greater potential for disruption given varying wireless link conditions and the use of non-standard network equipment.

The company will deploy the network management solution within the US Army’s joint management operations subsystem.