The Israeli Ministry of Defence has awarded a contract to Elbit Systems to supply various laser-based systems.

Under the contract, Elbit Systems Electro-Optics ELOP will supply several types of advanced laser technologies that implement high-quality, compact and lightweight laser systems for a wide range of applications.

The contract includes the Rattler laser, the newest laser transmitter, which is specifically designed for size weight and power (SWAP).

The laser transmitter offers 30MJ of energy at 20 pulses a second and highly stable performance in all environmental conditions and unparalleled duty cycle.

Another laser, the Rattler-C weighs under 480g and is specifically designed for very small payloads.

Several versions of the Rattler adopted for tactical ground applications include Rattler-H, compact designator-marker (CD-marker) and Rattler-G.

Rattler-H is a pistol-like laser designator that can be easily carried by soldiers and can be used conveniently whenever required.

CD-Marker is a combination of the Rattler laser with a see-spot camera and an eyepiece packaged in a handy-cam configuration, while Rattler-G can be integrated with different observation and target location systems.

Deliveries of the laser-based systems are expected to run for the next two years.