The first French Army simulator network, created between the army aviation training centre (Le Luc) and the first armoured regiment (Canjuers), has been successfully completed by Thales.

The exercise showed how remote simulation facilities could be paired up in a distributed multisite network configuration to coordinate different elements with different operational functions in a combined forces exercise.

During three exercises, the company demonstrated networked multisite simulation and how to implement the capability on a routine basis to support training and operational readiness, as well as deployment to remote theatres.

The three exercises combined the helicopter crew tactical trainer platform at Le Luc and the Leclerc main battle tank crew simulators at Canjuers.

The entire scenario included a patrol of two Tiger helicopters and an armoured platoon of three Leclerc mani battle tanks and three light armoured vehicles.

In addition, the capability will be complemented by specially adapted databases, which are designed to allow units to train collectively in readiness for the theatre of operations.

According to military experts, the exercise was used to propose descriptions of network configurations for virtual distributed simulation exercises and to identify requirements for regular combined forces training in terms of execution.