Swedish peacekeeping forces will soon be able to protect radio communications from eavesdropping thanks to a contract awarded by the country’s Defence Materiel Administration to Sectra for its Crypto encryption solution.

Under the Skr8m ($1.1m) contract, Sectra will supply its voice crypto product for tactical radios to protect radio communications between vehicles and troops in the field.

The crypto product is flexible and protects communication over IP-based tactical networks and over the Ra 180 and Ra 1512 radio networks.

Sectra Communications president Michael Bertilsson said that the encryption of defence secrets aided in the protection of life and ensured that military forces were able to successfully complete their peacekeeping missions.

“Sectra provides the Swedish Defence Force and its task forces with easy-to-use crypto products that protect and increase the efficiency of communications,” he said.

Deliveries of the crypto products will be completed by mid 2010.