The Australian Defence Force will create an integrated logistics system worth A$650m to replace various systems operated by Australian forces by mid-2010.

There are different build phases in the development of an integrated logistics system and the project will run until 2016.

In 2006, Australia signed a contract with Mincom to replace the former logistics system, the standard defence supply system (SDSS), with new core software based on the company’s Ellipse system.

The initial stage of the project, worth over A$100m, to provide JP2077 phase 2B.1 software was scheduled to be completed by late 2008 but was delayed due to a software development issue.

The first developmental stage of the project was to unveil a single system, including an interface into the finance system for improved asset management, according to a spokesman for the Department of Defence.

The Australian defence spokesman said JP2077 phase 2B.1 software had been successfully delivered to a revised schedule.

“The transition to the new logistics system was a ‘significant change activity’ that required a low risk approach,” the spokesman said.

“The IT teams had to make sure that the new system integrateed correctly with other associated systems. In order to reduce risk to the stocktaking process, training programme and the defence financial accounts, JP2077 phase 2B.1 will now go live in July 2010.”

The second stage of the project, which also cost around A$100m is to deliver phase 2B.2, the detailed design of which is scheduled to begin this month and is expected to be complete in the first quarter of 2011.