UK-based Merlin has announced that it will showcase its VBMS power solution for military vehicles unable to handle the electricity demands of modern systems at next month’s International Armoured Vehicles 2010 conference.

According to Merlin, the addition of complex C4I, IED Defeat and EO systems to military vehicles has increased electrical power demands dramatically, and in many cases the original vehicle electrical systems were simply not designed to cater for this.

The Merlin VBMS solution focuses on improving the current vehicles by using between two and four small environmentally protected aluminum enclosures made up of a single ‘hub’ (a generic Windows-configurable CPU) and ‘gateways’, which physically control the charge and discharge levels between, to and from battery banks.

The system is primarily designed to prevent the vehicles vital power storage medium (batteries) from being damaged or weakened, which in turn prevents vehicle failures and availability issues.

The VBMS is also designed to intelligently and efficiently manage how the vehicles charging sources serve on-board electrical and electronic consumers, ensuring that power is going to the right places at the right time.

The system will also provide reliable information to vehicle commanders to make informed power usage decisions and interface with high-demand electrical consumers such as thermal management systems.