The Burmese Army has deployed advanced radio sets supplied by Australian company Barrett Communications.

The Barrett 2050 high-frequency transceiver features a flexible soft-core processor and powerful digital signal processing system that provides very low power consumption, and delivers superior reception and noise reduction.

The Barrett radio, weighing less than 2.6kg, uses frequency-hopping software that switches messages quickly between about 500 frequencies, making them hard for enemy forces to intercept.

The new radio sets are being used by the army headquarters in Naypyidaw, and also at the army’s central, eastern and north-eastern commands involved in long-running campaigns against Shan and other insurgent forces.

The Burmese Government is bidding for an additional 50 Barrett 2050 high-frequency radio sets with associated data modems that carry voice, data, email and fax traffic with a high degree of reliability and security.