The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) in the UK has received 1,000 equipment proposals in the course of a year for ideas that could help British frontline troops.

The CDE was set up 18 months ago and has, since then, granted more than 150 proposals research funding.

Beneficiaries of CDE funding include Bubblephone telecoms research company for its C-Thru technology.

C-Thru technology establishes network connections in a tactical communication network, maintains them irrespective of changes in the network environment and uses a unique connection method in case of a wireless connection lost in mountainous terrains.

The technology prioritises communication traffic so that urgent messages always get through C-Thru first. It is expected to be used in future Bowman communications systems.

CDE also funded PneumaCare for proof-of-concept research into video-analysis technology to monitor lung function in a non-invasive way during casualty transportation.

D30 Labs also received funds from CDE for the development of its shock-absorbing material for troop helmet lining.