The Indian Army intends to purchase special weapon systems that can shoot around corners for troops involved in counter-terrorism operations.

The army has sent out a request for information (RFI) to armament companies around the world to submit proposals by 30 January 2010, for the cornershot rifles and pistols, which are equipped with integrated detachable high-resolution video cameras and monitors.

The close-quarter combat weapons will help commandos to observe and engage targets from behind a corner while storming a building or a room, according to one military officer.

“American, Israeli and a few other forces already use such weapons. The front parts of their barrels, mounted with video cameras, can swivel 60° to 70° on either side to scan and direct fire around corners,” the military officer said.

“Such new-generation equipment is very effective in neutralising terrorists in situations like 26/11, where commandos had to clear the five-star hotels in room-to-room flushing out operations.”

The cornershot weapons should have the ability to engage targets effectively beyond 200m and have day / night vision capability, according to the army’s RFI specifications.

“The weapon systems should also have image downloading and transmission capability so that the enemy can be located and information shared with other troops to enable the commandos to take the best positions to engage the targets,” he said.

Because of the large quantity of weapons required, the Indian Army has expressed an interest in a transfer of technology to allow for the weapons to eventually be manufactured indigenously.