The US Army has awarded a contract to Bae Systems to produce 109 second-generation Iraqi light armored vehicles (ILAVs) and ten mine roller kits for delivery to Iraq.

BAE Systems new vehicles and amphibious systems vice-president Mark Signorelli said the survivable, mobile and capable light armoured vehicle will help facilitate the successful transfer of missions from US forces to Iraqi forces.

The 4×4 second-generation ILAVs feature a v-shaped hull designed to protect passengers and key vehicle components from mines and roadside bombs.

BAE Systems will manufacture the vehicles in collaboration with Force Protection and Spartan Chassis.

ILAVs come in three variants including the basic ILAV troop carrier, a configuration for route clearance and an explosive ordnance disposal configuration.

Deliveries under the $59m contract will begin in May 2010 and runs until October 2010.