Raytheon has unveiled a new iPhone application, intended to be used by the military to track friends and foes, by showing up their positions on secure live and real-time maps.

The software, called One Force Tracker (OFT), works on a standard iPhone enabling the soldiers to track whereabouts of allies and adversaries on maps in real time.

Raytheon Network Centric Systems advanced programmes and technology director Tushar Patel said the situational awareness application was developed based on military messaging standards that provide multimedia access, audio and textual point of interest, free text messaging, collaborative planning, spot reports and emergency call for fire.

The OFT draws advantages from the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch capabilities, including global positioning, high-speed internet, and accelerometers that allow controls respond to twists, tilts or turns.

The Raytheon iPhone software can also be used by first responders including police, firemen, and emergency medical technicians.

The OFT has built-in augmented reality and content-centric networking capabilities. It also guards against network disruptions and hacks, according to Raytheon.

The OFT software will show maps with an overlay of points of interest such like sniper sites or safe fallback positions and filed information can be transmitted back to a central computer, which will analyse and update data as well as send information back to the soldiers.