A next-generation main battle tank, which can be operated by two soldiers for all-dimensional attacks and all-directional self-protection, will be developed by China, according to China North Vehicle Research Institute director Mao Ming.

The Chinese Army currently uses a type-99 main battle tank, which can accommodate three crew members.

The next-generation tank could run with only 2 crew members, a gunner and a driver.

It could also feature enhanced information ability and fire performance, indirect aiming and shooting ability and aerial target interception.

The main battle tank will be equipped with a target detecting device connected to a command-and-attack network and numerous command systems and sensors from which the tank will receive real-time target information.

China’s next-generation tank will be a lightweight vehicle with good strategic mobile capacity facilitating rapid deployment on the battlefield.

The tank’s chassis system allows changeable and modularised loads for battles in the city or the field in north China and in south China, according to Mao Ming.