The South Korean Army has received its first shipment of K-21 infantry combat armed vehicles from Doosan DST.

The 25t K-21 armoured vehicle can accommodate a crew of three plus a platoon of mechanised infantry troops.

It can travel at speeds of up to 70km/h on land and 7km/h on water.

Armament of the vehicle includes a 40mm automatic cannon, with a 7.62mm machine gun as its key weapon.

Once the third generation vehicle-to-tank missile is installed on the vehicle, it will be capable of attacking tanks and helicopters.

The K-21 is network-centric warfare (NCW) capable, and is fitted with a digital command system that allows the vehicle to share information on the battlefield with other combat vehicles in conjunction with a terrestrial tactical C4I system.

The K-21 has more advanced capabilities in terms of fire power, the capacity to manage battlefields, and mobility than the US M2A3 and the Russian BMP-3 combat vehicles.