Jordon is to receive 1,808 Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, 18 fly-to-buy missiles, 162 Javelin command launch units with integrated day / thermal sight associated equipment, training and logistical support from the US.

The military equipment package also includes missile simulation rounds, enhanced basic skills trainer, containers, rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, battery dischargers and chargers, coolant units, spare and repair parts, technical data and logistical support.

The $388m foreign military sale is aimed at enhancing military cooperation and interoperability between the US and Jordan, its major non-Nato ally in the Middle East.

Jordan will use the new military equipment to strengthen its homeland defence and fight against regional threats.

The Javelin joint venture of Raytheon of Tucson, Arizona, and Lockheed Martin of Orlando, Florida, will be the prime contractor for the project.