The US Army’s guided advanced tactical rocket (Gatr) has been successfully flight tested by Alliant Techsystems and Elbit Systems at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

During the laser-designated guided test flight, the GATR was fired from an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopter using lock-on before launch to engage targets at ranges above 5km.

Multiple laser-designated guided test flights resulted in direct impacts on all targets, after being launched from a standard 2.75in launcher.

The GATR uses the Atk-produced propulsion system and the Elbit Systems-developed guidance and control system to achieve up to 1m accuracy against stationary and moving targets.

In addition, the rocket features an insensitive munitions (IM) rocket motor and a family of IM warheads to include blast and penetration.

The system is compatible with 2.75in as well as 70mm rocket launch platforms and can be operated at ranges above 8km from fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.