A new military training suite that integrates location-driven solutions in a modern military training environment has been developed by Ubisense for the US Army.

The Location Driven Training Suite integrates precision tracking, global positioning system data, real-time virtual world views, video cameras and weapons orientation into a single platform for a fully interactive Exercise Control and After Action Review (AAR).

With the integrated suite, AARs can be spontaneously created to help improve training effectiveness while the video streams using spatial location and new weapons effects will enhance the reality effects of the training tool.

In addition, the AAR system features automatic video indexing that allows analysts to quickly create relevant reports.

The system is capable of simulating events such as a person entering a zone or a kill from a weapon and it can also be integrated into external event systems such as Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System 2000.

Ubisense CEO Richard Green said the solution design was based on extensive experience gathered from working with customers such as the National Training Center at Fort Irwin.