The US Army Materiel Command has awarded a contract to American Systems to provide life-cycle systems engineering and operations support services for its synchronised predeployment and operational tracker (Spot) programme.

American Systems president and chief executive officer William C Hoover said the SPOT programme would advance the government’s priorities to ensure the accurate tracking, visibility, accountability, and management of contractor assets supporting US armed forces overseas.

Under the three-year, $42m contract, the company will provide systems integration and support operations that combine data from various systems to provide a central, integrated source of information.

The integrated source of data will help combatant commanders plan force protection, medical support, and logistics support of contractors associated with US armed forces worldwide.

The web-based net-centric SPOT application maintains accountability and provides a report status for contractor personnel and certain assets in support of the war-fighter.

The application provides proof of contractor personnel associated with specific contracts, along with authorisation for access to specific Dod facilities and for government services such as transportation, medical evacuation and emergency evacuation coverage.

Work will be carried out at government and American Systems facilities worldwide.