The US Army has test fired a new ‘smart’ high-explosive airburst (HEAB) from the XM-25 weapon system at Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland.

The weapon, developed by PEO systems, is specifically designed to precisely shoot an explosive round that can pinpoint and incapacitate targets at distances of up to 700 meters.

PEO Soldier Weapons assistant product manager Major Shawn Murray said that the XM-25 with HEAB is 300% more effective at incapacitating the enemy than current weapons at the squad level.

“What makes this weapon system truly revolutionary is the ability to target the enemy, pass on this information to the sensors and microchips of its 25mm HEAB round, and have that round detonate over the target,” he said.

“When the HEAB round explodes, the target is peppered with fragmentation.”

The XM-25 system features an array of sights, sensors and lasers housed in a target acquisition fire control (TAFC) unit on top with an oversized magazine behind the trigger mechanism and a unusually short barrel.

The XM-25’s unique TAFC and HEAB round allows the soldiers to engage enemy forces located in the open and in defensive fortifications behind cover including walls, rocks, trenches or inside buildings.

The semi-automatic magazine of the weapon houses four 25mm rounds and the built-in thermal sight ensuring that the XM-25 can be employed in all weather conditions.