Fuel specialists of the US Army have begun training Iraqi soldiers in a bid to improve fuel quality for the Motor Transport Regiment (MTR) of the 7th Iraqi Army vehicles in al Anbar province.

Maintaining fuel quality plays a major role in keeping military vehicles readily operable, particularly in a desert environments, rocky terrain, sand and dust storm conditions.

During training the fuel specialists will help Iraqi soldiers develop proper fuel procedures and eliminate contaminated fuel which causes higher maintenance requirements and significantly reduces engine life.

The 7th Iraqi Army Staff Sergeant Angel Geigel said the MTR has experienced a decrease in the operational readiness of their M1114 high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle fleet.

“The results of the fuel samples obtained from MTR fuel trucks proved that the fuel was indeed highly contaminated,” he said.

The Fuel and Water Platoon’s next step is to determine the source of the sediment and how to minimise future contamination. Reasons for the sediment are likely to include improper filters, corroded fuel tanks, and fuel treatment locations.

The new 4.4-million-litre Iraqi fuel pumping station at Camp Mejid is not currently in use due to a lack of quality-control equipment such as filters and because of poor operator training.