British front-line forces operating in Afghanistan will receive an additional 1,300 Javelin missiles under a contract awarded to the Javelin joint venture (JJV).

The Javelin is a lightweight, shoulder-mounted guided missile, which uses thermal-imaging technology to identify targets and deliver an explosive and accurate blow to destroy fortified enemy positions and mortar compounds.

The missile has a range of up to 4km and can be fired from enclosed spaces, providing enhanced flexibility and protection.

UK force in Afghanistan second-in-command of B Company 3 RIFLES Captain Warren Marginson said the accuracy and firepower of the missile enabled the troops reduce the need to call in close air support.

“The weapon is versatile and has the ability to deliver the warhead accurately on target. We now have the ability to strike in day or night and in all weather conditions, but more importantly Javelin gives us the ability to identify insurgent activity in all conditions,” he said.

JJV is a joint venture company owned by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.