Chile will receive 36 AVENGER Fire Units, 378 STINGER-Reprogrammable Micro-Processor (RMP) Block 1 Anti-Aircraft missiles, and 12 STINGER Block 1 Buy-to-Fly missiles under a $455m defence sale from the US.

Under the foreign military sale, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency will also provide all associated parts, equipment and logistical support to these armaments.

In addition, the government of Chile has requested 42 captive flight trainers and S250 shelters on high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles as well as personnel training and training equipment as part of the proposed sale.

The Chilean Military will use the defence equipment to enhance its combat capability, to upgrade its armed forces and to expand its existing air defending potential.

The principal contractors for the sale include Boeing Aerospace in Alabama, Raytheon Missile Systems Arizona and Thales Raytheon Systems in California.