The Spanish Army has deployed the first two of 49 RG-31 armoured vehicles to Afghanistan as part of its efforts to strengthen its military forces in the region.

The two RG-31s have left Torrejon Air Base in Spain for Afghanistan, and the rest of the vehicles are expected to be shipped over the next five months.

The RG-31 Nyala mine-protected vehicle has improved armour protection with multiple plates and reinforced hatches as well as radio-frequency jammers. The vehicle offers protection against small-arms fire and mine blasts.

The vehicle features an all-steel, welded armour, monocoque hull to protect the crew from AP rifle fire and anti-tank mine detonations.

The 4×4 vehicle has a combat weight of up to 17,000kg, including 3,500kg of payload and an operational range of 900km. The RG-31 can run at a speed of 100km/h and can accommodate a crew of ten, including the driver.