The US Army has contracted Savi to provide standards-based active radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking technologies and related support services.

Lockheed Martin will supply RFID tags, which will be attached to cargo containers and other supply chain assets to enable real-time supply visibility and interoperability with allied defence forces and government organisations.

High-performance Savi ST-654 tags will be used to track shipping containers, vehicles and other large and valuable assets.

The tags will also include the Savi ST-621, licence plate tag designed for quick commissioning of shipping containers, rolling stock and other conveyances.

The ISO 18000-7-compliant RFID products provide logistics tracking, locating and health monitoring of commodities and assets.

The $6.6m contract encompasses three orders with different delivery dates – the final deliveries are due in three months.

Savi received the contract as part of the RFID-III contracting vehicle, a $429.4m multiple award from the US Department of Defense.