Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled a robotic vehicle known as REX that has been designed to reduce the load carried by foot soldiers on operations.

Rex is a small, six-wheel-drive load-bearing robotic vehicle that follows squad-sized units in response to voice commands.

The vehicle can carry up to 200kg for up to 72 hours at a time without refuelling.

IAI head of innovation Ofer Glazer said that the REX platform is unique in its state-of-the-art operational capabilities and its user-friendly interface.

“The robotic vehicle follows the lead soldier from a given distance, using simple commands, including ‘stop’, ‘fetch’, and ‘heel’,” he said.

The robotic vehicle integrates several robotic capabilities that are currently in use, ensuring a low target price, and a short and low-risk development period.

The IAI-developed robotic platform is currently being exhibited at the 2009 Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Korea.