The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has unveiled a selection of the latest weapon sights technologies, and unmanned air and land vehicles currently being tested for future operation.

Technologies demonstrated in front of troops included a hand-held wheeled robot equipped with real-time cameras that can be thrown into a building to show troops what is inside.

Other items demonstrated at Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) event in Bristol included a easy-to-launch, remote-controlled, four-rotor-headed helicopter, complete with surveillance equipment, that can send real-time images back to a wristwatch monitor or to specially modified goggles.

Officials also showed off a clip-on lightweight thermal weapon sight that will be used to spot targets at night.

DE&S head of the programmes and technology group Major General Alan Macklin said that keeping the technological edge was critical to campaign success.

“If you look at the equipment soldiers are using today compared to five years ago, it is completely different and that is down to us investing in innovation and developing technology for military use,” he said.