The Thai Army’s Enstrom 480B helicopters will be equipped with the powerline detection system from Safe Flight under a contract awarded by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation.

Safe Flight’s powerline detection system senses when the helicopter is in proximity to an undetectable hazard and uses audio and visual warning signals to alert the pilot.

The system detects the electromagnetic field radiated by the power line and a red warning light illuminates for as long as the hazard is sensed. The detector accommodates worldwide power frequencies.

When a powerline is detected an audio alert intensifies through the audio system and increases in frequency as the line gets closer, allowing the pilot to avoid contact.

The powerline detection system weighs less than 3lb, and comes with an installation kit that provides all the required installation hardware, including the antenna and installation data.

The system can be equipped to all other Enstrom 480 and 480B helicopters as a production option or as a retrofit.