Eurocorps, a multinational army corps in the Western EU has awarded a contract to UK company J&S Franklin Limited to provide DefenCell new-generation wall protection systems.

DefenCell provides a versatile multipurpose wall by integrating a cellular design with the latest geotextile construction technology. It is used to provide force protection to military personnel and facilities in a number of demanding operational situations.

Under the contract, the company will provide 600 DT1 and 120 T2 multipurpose force protection systems, which will be used for stock purposes and for the ongoing joint training exercises conducted in Burgos, Northern Spain.

DefenCell is air-droppable, man portable force protection wall system, with a non-metallic structure that will not allow it to generate any secondary ammunition and allow it to be safely pushed off the back of a lorry with no risk of damage.

Currently DefenCell is on operational deployment in Afghanistan with the British Army protecting two highly vulnerable ammunition supply points in two separate locations at Camp Bastion in Helmand province and Kandahar Airport.

Six countries take part in Eurocorps as framework nations of the Western EU – Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain.