Oshkosh Defence and partners have offered the MRAP all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV) and SandCat combat vehicles to the Australian Department of Defence as part of the Land 121 Overlander Phase 4 defence procurement programme.

Under the programme, the Australian Defence Department envisions the procurement of 1,300 light protected mobility combat vehicles.

The M-ATV is a highly mobile combat vehicle featuring the TAK-4 independent suspension system that provides 70% off-road mission profile capability.

The SandCat is a lightweight and versatile protected vehicle that features a durable modular armour system designed to meet a mission’s threat level and payload requirements.

Both vehicles feature an advanced armour system developed by the Oshkosh subcontractor Plasan, a designer and manufacturer of combat-proven armour solutions.

The integration of the armour systems to the protected vehicles will be accomplished by JLG, a division of Oshkosh Corporation which also provides integrated logistics support for the programme.