Two anti-terror systems, the Area Smart Monitoring (ASM) and Sixth Sense system, have been rolled out by Israeli-based technology services provider Ness Technologies.

The ASM provides real-time intelligence information by using monitors for security and law enforcement agencies to identify and track suspicious individuals and groups.

The system collects the information through cellular location systems, licence plate recognition systems, video cameras equipped with automatic content analysis algorithms and GPS location systems as well as using information from intelligence officers.

The Sixth Sense is an automatic system which conducts a surveillance using integrated cameras on moving objects to record flight patterns and send an alert if unusual patterns of motion are detected.

Ness president Michael Zinderman said that terror and crime in urban areas are a growing threat to public safety in many countries.

“ASM and The Sixth Sense enable continuous monitoring and information collection, both in routine and emergency times, in order to spot unusual behaviour and identify potential threats,” Zindermann said.