Textron Defence Systems has completed a test series demonstrating the XM1100 Scorpion networked sensor and munitions platform capabilities in urban environments at Fort Benning, Georgia.

During the testing, the XM1100 Scorpion performed in both day and night scenarios, which proved the system’s ability to accurately identify and engage targets in urban environments.

Textron Defence Systems general manager Mark Catizone said the Scorpion system was designed to provide soldiers valuable force projection and minimise impact to non-combatants.

“This holds true in urban environments or against rugged terrain, whether mountainside, desert or wilderness,” Catizone said.

The urban environment test series will be followed by an end-to-end, live-fire Scorpion test that will take place at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico in 2010.

The test in 2010 is expected to test the Scorpion systems ability to detect, track and engage multiple remote-controlled armoured vehicles with live high-explosive munitions.

The last test was completed at Fort Benning’s military operations in urban terrain site, which precisely simulates a populated town including roadways, public areas, shops and residential buildings.