The Spanish Army has awarded a contract to Indra to supply an acoustic weapon-locating system to protect military bases and troops on missions.

Under the €2.3m contract, the company will provide a system that detects hostile shot sounds and, by calculating weather data and terrain particulars, locates the precise source and destination.

Based on acoustics the shot locating system will help the troops to gain prompt and adequate response in the event of a threat, enhance situational awareness and boost coordination between units when neutralising a threat.

The system consists of a control post with four sensor posts to capture acoustic signs and differentiate them from environment sounds through radio.

In addition, Indra will provide the army with alert management equipment that integrates Halo-detected threats and distributes them through the army’s radio to a series of terminals.

The Halo system incorporates FFT features (friendly force tracking) which will make the users to distinguish friend and foe involvements.