The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has unveiled its new inland defensive weapon system, the Raz radar system, which will be used to warn aginst high-trajectory fire.

The Raz project head Lt-Col. Moshe Kipnis said that the system would be able to recognise rocket fire, locate its origin and accurately triangulate landing sites.

The system will also assist in improving artillery fire coordinates to prevent strikes on non-target areas.

The radar system, to be manned by 20-man artillery corps teams, has the ability to communicate real-time information to the air force.

GOC army headquarters along with the Defence Ministry’s administration for the development of weapons and technological industry and Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary Alta has been working on the radar sytem since 2002.

The system received final operational clearance in July 2009 following testing in the Negev area.

The new system will be fully operational by 2010 and is expected to triple army’s existing anti-rocket capabilities.