The Canadian Armed Forces will receive vehicle optics sensor systems and spare parts from Gyrocam Systems to enhance the surveillance abilities of land vehicles.

Gyrocam’s vehicle optics sensor systems can be installed on most land vehicle configurations to provide enhanced surveillance day and night to assist in the detection of improvised explosive devices and other dangerous insurgent activities.

As per the $7.3m contract, the company will deliver 17 Gyrocam vehicle optics sensor systems, spare parts and repair parts.

The company will also provide related vendor services for the integration, installation and test on the route-clearing armoured vehicle, Buffalo A2 with BAE bar armour.

The systems can be equipped with specialised communications equipment for image transmission to remote command sites.

The camera systems and parts will be used by the mine-clearance vehicles in support of existing VOSS II field support representatives in Afghanistan and the rest will be reserved as spares.

The work, which will be carried out in Florida, is expected to be complete by 31 January 2010.