The British Army has awarded a £24m contract to BAE Systems to deliver improved variants of the BvS10 Viking, a fully amphibious armoured all-terrain vehicle.

Under the contract, the company will deliver 24 upgraded BvS10 Viking mkII vehicle variants to the British Army.

Enhancements on the upgraded BvS10 Viking mkII include greater levels of protection, a larger and more powerful engine, a bigger more powerful alternator, and improved steering, suspension and brakes.

The vehicle will also have an improved payload capacity compared with its predecessor and will provide all-round protection against 7.62mm ball rounds.

The Viking is primarily used for troop transport and vehicle repair recovery vehicle and provides seating for a total of 12 men, including the driver. The vehicle can run at a speed of 65km/h on roads and 5km/h in water.

Of all the 24 vehicles to be delivered, 22 will be the troop-carrying variant and the remaining two will be set in command vehicle configuration.