ST Kinetics has unveiled the new versatile armoured Warthog all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which is set to be delivered to UK troops in Afghanistan by the end of the year.

The Warthog will be available in four variants including troop carrier, ambulance, command, and repair and recovery, and will be capable of manoeuvering across difficult terrain and trenches, tackling vertical obstacles, powering up steep gradients and even clinging to slopes.

UK MoD DE&S head of combat wheels Group Brigadier Ian Simpson said that ST Kinetics have worked extremely hard to deliver this project within the required timescales.

“The Warthog has proven to be a very capable vehicle in tests and trials and we are impressed with the high standards of engineering applied to this vehicle,” he said.

The company trialled a 19t Warthog testbed vehicle in the UAE during the summer of 2009 in order to test the vehicle’s performance in extreme heat and dust conditions.

As part of the urgent operational requirement programme the UK Defence has placed an order for more than 100 vehicles worth over £150m (S$330m).

Deliveries will begin by the end of 2009 and continue through 2010, while 12 UK armed forces trainers have already begun operation and maintenance training in Singapore to ensure the vehicles come into service shortly after delivery.