The US Joint Forces Command has awarded a $29m contract to a Lockheed Martin team for Valiant Angel, a new system that will apply highly advanced broadcasting technologies to help commanders make correct decisions in the heat of battle.

Under the contract, a team of Lockheed Martin, Harris Corporation and NetApp will design and integrate the advanced video intelligence system, which will help commanders collect, manage, process, exploit and disseminate full-motion video.

Valiant Angel will, when finished, provide commanders with improved access to the vast amount of real-time and archived video collected from manned and unmanned aircraft and ground-based sensors.

Lockheed Martin Spatial Solutions vice-president Dan Rice said it was difficult for troops and analysts to sort through the mountains of available data in search of a specific clip that can help make a decision.

“Valiant Angel will help make video an even more decisive advantage for our forces in virtually any scenario.” Rice said.

The system incorporates the technologies of Lockheed Martin’s Audacity video analysis system and Harris Corporation’s full-motion video asset management engine while NetApp will integrate its Data ONTAP high-capacity storage technology into the Valiant Angel system.