The US Congress has been notified of a possible large-scale foreign military sale of Patriot missiles to the government of Turkey under a lucrative deal worth $7.8bn.

The US views Turkey as a important NATO ally and believes the deal will improve the country’s missile defence capabilities, strengthen its homeland defence and deter regional threats in the area around Turkey, which is also the only Nato ally to share a border with Iran.

The proposed sale consists of 13 Patriot fire units, 72 Patriot advanced capability (PAC-3) missiles, four PAC-3 lot validation missiles, 197 MIM-104E Patriot guidance-enhanced missiles-T (GEM-T), four MIM-104E GEM-T lot validation missiles, five Patriot digital missiles, five anti-tactical missiles and other equipment.

The sale also includes eight AN/USQ-140 multifunctional information distribution systems / low volume terminals (MIDS/LVT-2), 13 AN/MPQ-65 radar sets, four tactical command systems, 13 battery command posts and six communication relay groups.

In addition, the US will supply 13 engagement control stations, 48 M902 launching stations, 52 antenna mast groups, 13 electronic power plant III (EPP), Thales voice and data radios, containers, maintenance equipment, and engineering and logistics support services.

The prime contractors will be Raytheon Corporation and Lockheed Martin.