The US Army Communications and Electronics Command has contracted DRS Technologies for the provision of driver’s vision enhancers (DVEs) as part of the army’s $1.9bn DVE supply programme.

With the DVE unit the operators of combat and tactical-wheeled vehicles will be able to manoeuvre in severely degraded visual conditions resulting from smoke, fog, sand and other battlefield obscurants.

Under the contract, the company will deliver four versions of the DVE technology that include DVE Lite for line-haul truck and tactical vehicle applications and DVE CV for combat vehicles.

The other versions are DVE TWV with electronic pan and tilt modules (EPTMs) for tactical wheeled vehicles and the DVE TWV with forward activity detection systems (FADS) for detection or surveillance.

DRS has been selected as one of the two suppliers of the DVE units to the soldiers of army, navy, marine corps, air force and Special Operations Command.

The infrared detectors, sensor modules, display control modules and EPTMs will be manufactured at various DRS facilities across the US.