The latest combat identification system (CID) jointly developed by BAE Systems and Thales has been demonstrated to the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

The CID system prevents soldiers operating machine guns on armored high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles from firing on friendly forces operating in other combat vehicles.

As part of the demo, the system, the first on an army vehicle, correctly identified moving and stationary friendly vehicles through smoke and fog and in tree lines.

The CID system will help the gunners identify if targets are friendly through transponders mounted on vehicles and direct-fire weapon interrogators.

The demonstration unit has used a palm switch to engage the identification procedure as well a visual warning device mounted near the gun.

Headphones were also used for audible warnings which allow the gunner to see and hear the results without having to take his eyes off the target.

The demonstration tests included a series of tactical representations, simulating potential real-life situations, indicating how the CID system works with other technologies to reduce friendly-fire events among US and coalition forces.