Swiss-based binoculars manufacturer Vetronix AG will supply its new rangefinding products to The British Army as part of the army’s FIST (future integrated soldier technology) programme.

Under the five-year contract, announced at this year’s DSEi exhibition in London, the company will supply 2,700 multifunction goggles (MOSKITO) and 2,300 rapid acquisition aiming module (RAAM) systems to the army along with integrated logistic support (ILS), including training and repair services.

MOSKITO is a user-friendly device weighing less than 1.2kg, which will be used as the new commander target locator (CTL).

The goggles combine all essential day and night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions into one compact.

RAAM will act as the underslung grenade launcher fire control system, which can instantly calculate the distance, angle of declination or inclination,and adjust the point of aim accordingly.

The RAM functions in daylight as well as darkness and drastically increases the hit probability of identified targets.

The CHF92m contract has been awarded by the prime contractor Thales.