BAE Systems has been named as one of two contractors to provide the US Army and US Marine Corps with a system of infrared sensors that will give 24-hour all-weather visibility to vehicle operators on the ground.

The $10.7m contract will see Bae deliver 338 of its driver’s vision enhancer family of systems (DVE-FOS).

The system is a comprehensive suite of infrared sensors, displays, vehicle integration kits and other equipment that will provide all-weather, day-or-night visibility to operators of combat and logistics vehicles.

DVE-FOS is compatible with 17 configurations and covers most wheeled and combat platforms of US Army and Marine Corps vehicles. More than 40,000 other thermal weapon sights are already in use by soldiers and marines.

According to BAE, the five-year contract awarded by the US Army Communications Electronics Command Life Cycle Management Center can reach a maximum value of $1.94bn depending on the product performance.