The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has awarded a contract to G-NIUS Unmanned Ground Systems for the development of a future-generation unmanned ground vehicle.

The new UGV will provide enhanced autonomous movement and operational performance and will be used by the Nahshon, an urban warfare-trained infantry battalion of the IDF.

The vehicle will incorporate an increased payload and provide enhanced situational awareness, autonomy and include navigation capabilities. It will be intensified to include various advanced control solutions that will aid in independent decision making.

In addition the vehicle features advanced operational flexibility, which enables the system to provide combat support in various scenarios.

G-NIUS chief executive officer Erez Peled said the development of the future-generation UGV significantly contributes to security missions in the modern combat field.

The next-generation UGV is based on the performance of the G-NIUS Guardium, a teleoperated UGV which is controlled remotely by an operator through a communications link.