The Netherlands Army has completed technical and organisational modernisation of the army’s future ground-based air defence system (FGBADS).

As the final weapon system is no longer ‘future focused’ it will now renamed as the Royal Netherlands Army ground-based air defence system (army GBADS).

The system was completed with the introduction of the final weapons systems, which included two radar systems, six missile launchers and a number of army vehicles at a ceremony at De Peel Air Base.

Army GBADS is a combined air defence system designed to protect against missile threats within the middle and lower airspace layers.

The weapon system includes AMRAAM (advanced medium-range air-to-air missile) launchers as well as the TRML 3-D and MPQ-64 radars.

The system also uses adavanced imaging sensors and can integrate data from other separate radar systems such as those used by F-16 fighters.