The US Army is sending 17 of its armoured IAV Stryker combat vehicles to India as part of the largest joint military exercise to be held between the two nations in October 2009.

The exercise Yudh Abhyas-09 will consist of a series of counter-insurgency themed drills performed between the two countries.

The Strykers will be dispatched from the US Pacific Command to Mumbai and then taken to Babina, the Indian Army’s 31 armoured division in Uttar Pradesh.

The Stryker Brigade Combat Teams will serve as mobile land components in the forthcoming wargames.

A stryker can carry 11 troops in its infantry-carrying version and can also be used for heavier mobile firepower when mounted with cannons and mortars.

Yudh Abhyas-09 will happen in conjunction with a major India-US Air Forces’ exercise in Agra.