Hughes Network Systems and Ultra Electronics Tactical Communication Systems (Ultra TCS) are set to demonstrate their integrated ‘never-out-of-touch’ tactical communication solution at LandWarNet 2009 for the coalition forces.

The tactical communication integrates the high-reliability Ultra TCS AN/GRC-245 (HCLOS) radio communication system with Hughes commercial-off-the-shelf products and beyond-line-of-sight satellite communication capabilities.

The solution, optimised for at-the-halt (ATH) fixed sites and on-the-move (OTM) communications, employs a common-man machine interface (MMI) on a standard laptop to control the HCLOS and the Hughes HX System.

The US military and NATO coalition forces presently use the HCLOS radio in combat theatres around the world.

Combined with the Hughes HX System, utilising Ku, Ka, or X-band antennas and routers, the integrated HCLOS and SATCOM radio provides a high-reliability solution to seamlessly extend communications in mountainous or difficult terrains.

The communication system is ideal for field operations and compatible with fielded equipment as it is lightweight with a small footprint and easy to set up.