The Dutch Government is considering purchasing modification kits from the US to upgrade its 29 AH-64D Apache block I helicopters to block II configuration to enhance its AH-64 fleet capabilities.

The upgrade will help the Dutch military enhance capabilities, making it a more capable and sustainable coalition force to support overseas contingency operations.

The combat-proven aircraft features longer-range weapons accuracy and the all-weather, all-night ability to detect objects without being detected and threat-prioritise up to 128 targets in less than a minute.

The helicopter, enhanced with integrated sensors, networking and digital communications, is capable of transmitting digital images and target locations to joint operations battlefield commanders.

The purchase deal also includes support equipment, spare and repair parts, training equipment, publications and technical documentation, engineering change proposals, contractor technical and logistics personnel services and logistics related elements.

The prime contractor will be Boeing of Mesa, Arizona, with the implementation of this proposed sale requiring four contractor representatives in the Netherlands to conduct training for a period of two weeks.